Who are the Most Influential Blockchain Leaders in Poland Today?

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An initial review of the speakers of ETHWarsaw can shed some light on who the most influential blockchain leaders are in Poland today. However, it’s important to distinguish between influential entrepreneurial leaders and those who grind the organs. The actual engineers. Or the heads of engineering in the case of today’s story.  

The biggest entrepreneurial leaders in Blockchain in Poland today include Przemek Kowalczyk, the Co-founder of Ramp. Another leader is Jakub Wojciechowski, Founder and CEO at RedStone Oracles, a company in Switzerland. Jakub is based in Warsaw. Julian Zawistowski, CEO, and founder of the Golem Factory and today a Director of the Golem Foundation is another leader. His co-founder colleague, Piotr Janiuk is still the CEO and co-founder of Golem Factory.

Another leader on our list is Kamil Gorski, CEO at Tokenguard. There are more. Just think Grant Blaisdell of Copernic Space, Konrad Lemanczyk at Bielik, or Lukasz Lukaszewski of Chainco. One could also include Krzysztof Ras, who till recently led the Bitpanda office in Krakow. Some of them, like Krzysztof, are also good at engineering too.

Other leaders include Matt Kielczewski, who might be based in Lisbon, but is leading the marketing for ETHWarsaw in 2024:


There are founders and there are leaders, like Krzysztof, who are engineers. Not all of them. But some, like Justyna Broniszewska, who is both a co-founder as well as Engineering Lead at Wallfacer Labs. Another example is Radoslaw Domanski, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at TiltUp, who leads a team involved in blockchain development. Finally there is Konrad Rotkiewicz, CEO at Ulam Labs. A software development house specializing in building crypto and blockchain solutions. Konrad worked as a Python developer in the past. There is also Rumble Fish. And others.

We looked further into the leaders in engineering in Poland today.

Who are the Leading Blockchain Engineers in Poland today?

If you wanted to setup your first digital assets project in Poland today, you would need a top-notch head of engineering. One who doesn’t mind doing a bit of coding, but one who is also good at managing a remote workforce. Skills that don’t come that easily.

Coding might not be a huge problem, managing a remote workforce is a totally different challenge. Only the best can keep a remote workforce engaged. Which makes the creation of this list that much more important. For our readers, for new hiring managers entering the Polish market, and for anyone involved in crypto in Poland today.

We made a list. In no particular order. But a list that could help understand better what makes the digital assets space in Poland tick. Some of them might be called CTOs. Others, Head of Engineering. There are other titles. But what makes them standout is their knowledge of topics like Oracles, Decentralized Finance and Layer 2s.

Blockchain Engineers in Poland:

Michal Wrzeszcz, Founder and Head of Engineering and Chief Architect at Cere Network. Cere Network is the first decentralized data cloud platform built on Polkadot and optimized for service data integration and data collaboration.

Artur Kozak, Head of Technology at Ramp Network, has been working for the leading Polish blockchain company since 2018. Artur has developed smart contracts for P2P fiat-to-crypto whilst at Ramp. Prior to this he spent time working at Google.

Kamil Starski, VP of Engineering at Ramp Network, has been in a leadership role in many startups in Poland. He started his career as a Ruby on Rails developer. Today he is looking to augment the engineering and development teams at Ramp.  

Ihor Burlachenko, VP of Engineering at MAKE, is based out of Wroclaw where he works in the Casper ecosystem. Enter the dynamic world of the Casper ecosystem with cspr. By owning crpr, you’re engaging with an ever-expanding ecosystem built atop a future-proof blockchain.

Kamil Witkowski, Head of Engineering Operations at Energy Web, has a lot of experience working with blockchain. The Energy Web Foundation fosters value creation in the energy sector by building and promoting an open, decentralized software infrastructure built around blockchain technology.

Artyom Harytonau, Head of Technology at Currency.com, has launched crypto products on U.S. and EU markets. Currency.com aims to develop the best trading service on the market. It is a fintech company with deep expertise in trading, markets, blockchain, technology, customer centricity, and financial regulation.

Przemyslaw Thomann, CEO at mobycrypt.com, has been working on blockchain solutions for over 5 years. He specializes in Ethereum and famously wrote a blog on Medium about ‘How I lost 1 year of life doing failed crypto startup’. He is an engineer and is currently helping the team at Trans.eu.

Kamil Kaczynski, Project Manager at the Military University of Technology, is a specialist in security and blockchain. He recently spoke at a Collegium Da Vinci event in Poland about the safety of data in a digital world where he presented blockchain solutions related to cybersecurity.

Kamil Dziublinksi, CTO at Xapo Bank, has been involved in payments for many years. Xapo Bank is the first Bitcoin-enabled bank in the world to fully integrate traditional finance with crypto. Previously Kamil had been Head of Engineering at Azimo, a leading Polish payments startup from Krakow.

Lukasz Rozmej, Technical Lead at Nethermind, was one of the first hires at the company. Nethermind has a world class team of builders and researchers with expertise in Ethereum, protocol engineering, layer 2 scaling, DeFi, smart contracts development, and enterprise blockchain.

Karol Rychlicki, Chief Crypto Solutions Officer at Match-Trade Technologies, has vast experience in FX and blockchain. In the past he has worked at X-Trade Brokers and Bloomberg and brings this wealth of knowledge to another trading platform, Match-Trade Technologies.

Mateusz Klis, Head of Development at zondacrypto, has been in the blockchain space for over four years. Zondacrypto is one of the largest digital asset investment platforms in Europe today.

Aleksander Domagala, Head of Crypto Department at zondacrypto, has been with the company a little less than Mateusz but is very active within the European blockchain scene.

Aleh Natseuski, Head of Blockchain at senken, has worked with blockchain for almost 3 years now. Last year senken launched the world’s first public sale of carbon forward tokens.

Zbigniew Pekala, Head of Engineering at Spectral, has been involved in blockchain since 2018. Spectral launched Syntax, your go-to copilot for the Onchain Agent Economy a few months ago. Spectral Syntax is the first truly Onchain Agent in Web3. Prior to Spectral, Zbigniew worked at BlockFi prior to joining Spectral.

Jakub Fijolek, CTO at Coinfirm, is probably one of the first people to lead a blockchain team in Poland. His expertise in all things AML and blockchain is second to none in Poland. Importantly, Jakub was involved in the first ever Warsaw Block series in Poland. Which continued in 2024:

What about the Polish Blockchain Association?

There are lots of blockchain associations across the world. Some of them are more active, others less so. The Polish blockchain association is more active than some, albeit there are no real events listed on the site itself. The partners of the association offer some insight. And we don’t mean Franklin Templeton or PKO BP who are both listed there. More Rumble Fish and zondacrypto.

Without many local event listings one is left to scour Meetup.com to find any useful events to attend in Poland. Again, ETHWarsaw comes up at the forefront with their next event coming up on May 14th in Warsaw. Speakers are worth seeing and include industry veterans like Maciej Orlowski, Co-Founder of RUSH ICP.Hub Poland, or Bartek Rutkowski, Smart Contract Engineer at Phoenix Labs, or Rafal Kielbus, Chief Blockchain Officer at Bitfold, or Antoni Zolciak, Co-Founder of Aleph Zero.

Do you want to know more about blockchain in Poland. Do you need to partner with a recruitment business who is experienced with all things decentralized. Verita HR was involved in some of the first ever blockchain events in Poland – Warsaw Block in 2017. Verita HR’s team also recruited the first blockchain developers in Poland. Get in touch with the recruitment professionals at Verita HR today.

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Disclaimer: Data was collated with the assistance of LinkedIn and all details were correct as of day of publishing.

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